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hahaha sorry, been soooooo dang long since I was on here to have anything to post about that I SIMPLY COULD NOT RESIST haha....

but yea, good news everybody!!  obviously I myself have not had the time to work on this, or anything else of my programming works as of late, for anything.....HOWEVER, I NOW seem to have a programming partner that I will be working closely with here shortly, and that said, as funding becomes available each time, I will be having him to work on my programs, namely ashes of redemption and some others, and will be working closely with him in order to get some progress done once more on Ashes Of Redemption....sooo, although I myself lack the time to work on this, that does not by any means, mean that AOR is dead and done/sidelined....far from it, I just do not have the time myself to work on this like I want to with everything going on in my personal life and work life....however, look forward to some more news in the coming weeks to months on this, and where things stand on this....but yea, AOR is FAR from dead...haha...just been slumbering so to speak on the progress of it as I tried to get some things figured out...

soo, yay ^^

obviously that in turn means that this is no longer DIRECTLY being developed by myself, but it is still being "created" by myself given that I am in large part the premise behind most of the ideas for this game, coupled with help from games that I have played, and most certainly not without significant help on ideas and other input from our own DB here as well...  but yea, thanks for all the ideas and help db, and thank you to my new programming partner, that I will attempt to get to join this forum as well....yaaay.
hiya...I'm Flora Legacy...pleased ta meetcha.
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