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ok, so a good friend of mine, as you all know him on here as dat basitin, has convinced me to take a permanent pause on working on ashes of redemption. FEAR NOT, THIS DOES NOT MEAN ITS NO LONGER BEING MADE, it simply means that I have taken this opportunity to stop development of it in visual basic.net, and I am taking this time to learn java in order to start reprogramming it in java, which will therefor let a lot more people try it out, play it, and also allow it to be much better on system resources as well as allow me to program it much more effectively.

IT IS STILL BEING WORKED ON, just in java this time around.

so to everyone testing the vb.net version, sorry, that's as much as its going to get, but to anyone on a mac or a Linux pc IN ADDITION to a windows pc, say hello to future usage of my game.
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